Hack Brunel V2

Hack Brunel V2 (www.hackbrunel.com) was a 24-hour STEM hackathon hosted by the Brunel Tech Society, running from 9 am on Saturday 19th November 2022 until 3 pm Sunday 20th November 2022. The hackathon attendees consisted of ~70 participants from not only Brunel University London and neighbouring universities such as Royal Holloway & Birkbeck but also from as far as Spain and Boston, Massachusetts. Over the course of the weekend, we had students developing their ideas and projects, as well as taking part in many of our mini-events throughout the first day.

Hack Brunel V2 opening ceremony
Hack Brunel V2 participants collaborating

The event kicked off in the Howell Theatre with an opening ceremony, where all the attendees were given the opportunity to find teammates and discuss project ideas. Teams of up to four made their way to the hackerspace in the Wilfred Brown Atrium, where they were able to collaborate with each other. They only needed a laptop to work with and any other techy equipment they wished to develop their project idea with. Some teams brought extra monitors, Steam decks, Raspberry Pi and even robots!

There were multiple workshops taking place on Saturday including Tallest Paper Towers hosted by Innovia Brunel, An Introduction to Python hosted by GDSC Brunel, an Astronomy show and late-night movie in the Immersive 360 STEM dome, Cup-Stacking tournament hosted by HackathonsUK, and a CTF cyber-security SNYK challenge hosted by MLH! These workshops helped students to develop their transferrable, personal, and knowledge-based skills within a fun, learning atmosphere.

CTF cyber-security SNYK challenge hosted by MLH
STEM 360 Dome Astronomy Show!
Innovia Brunel: Tallest Tower Challenge!

All teams were given an opportunity at the end of the event to present their hacks/projects in the Howell theatre and compete for a wide range of prizes ranging from 100$ of crypto, YubiKeys, drawing tablets, razer gaming sets, Amazon Echos and much more. The projects submitted can be found here: (https://hack-brunel-v2.devpost.com/project-gallery

Our final main event project idea winners were:

1st Place Winner: Trivia Bot

1. Trivia Bot: A trivia race game based on Swift Bots, which resulted in the robots advancing with every correct question. This team was awarded razer gaming bundles.

2nd Place Winner: Commuting Cost Calculator

2. Commuting Cost Calculator: An application for analysing commuting and living costs after being given a home and work location. This team was awarded Amazon Echos.

3rd Place Winner: Geochat

3. Geochat: An application enabling the linking of messages to the sender’s location and only being visible from the same place. This team was awarded gaming mice.

Find more Hack Brunel V2 pictures here: https://bruneltechsociety-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/info_bruneltech_net/Ek8fDAmTuX1BtNmSCHCWi-ABPG6ovvCLrcD4cHBbbggX9w?e=VN3ZqC

Hack Brunel V2 was sponsored by Brunel Computer Science Department, BCS: Chartered Institute for IT, Major League Hacking. The event was also partnered with Brunel STEM Department, Major League Hacking, HackathonsUK to bring students a safe, and creative atmosphere. The event was also partnered with Brunel Societies Innovia Brunel & GDSC Brunel!