About Us

We are a small group of like-minded individuals who love running events, programming, managing social media and designing graphics!

We wanted to build a community where people who like Technology can meet each other and work together to enhance their skills! We created this home for students from all courses who can learn more about the developing digital world!

The Committee of 2022/23

Zain Mohammed


An enthusiastic designer who loves to learn and discover new things! I like programming, music, video games & social events!

Contact for: Events, Partnerships, Social Media

[email protected]

Milosz Paszkowski


Interested in pc games, blockchain and airsoft. Currently first year Computer Science.

Contact for: Events, Discord Server

[email protected]

Kacper Kosowski


Coffee addict, gym goer and tech enthusiast. I’m passionate about front-end development, cybersecurity and blockchain technologies.

Contact for: Finances, Instagram

[email protected]

James Bownas

Web Officer

1st Year Computer Science – I build small things in a variety of langs and play around with IT stuff

Contact for: Infrastructure, Website, Social Media

[email protected]

Imogen Morris

Creative Director

Interested in messing around with Computer Engineering and Cyber Security challenges when I’m able to. Currently studying Computer Science.

Contact for: Branding

[email protected]