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There is an image below:

This is an image.

Below is a gallery of 3 images:

A quote from something or a person

Citation goes here from the source.

This is a pullquote

a little different from a normal quote
This is a verse, very very different.
  • This is a bullet point list
  • very handy sometimes
  1. This is a number list.
  2. Should behave the same

Below is a video:

Below is another gallery (checking something):

Below is some actual code:

echo "owo";

Some custom HTML paragraph with red colour.

The hackbrunel logo as a media and quote block. Interesting. Not sure if the size will be respected though.

surprisingly you chose to read on. sorry about that.

my tweets are always amazing ngl /s

Apparently there’s spotify blocks too? never knew this. apple music better anyway

Why on earth is it so wide though?

alr that’s all I can think of lmao