Refreshers Competition

We have compiled a challenge for you!

Simply follow the steps below for a chance to win a £20 Amazon Gift Card.

If you already know the code..

If you need to find out what it is..

Step 1: Decrypt this cipher to access the link for the next step: vhhdg://dinnsz.cfu/sb/gzwrwbudinnzs/dzom?d=-Ag_T9UWCP8WcRudRWkT

Step 2: Complete the sliding puzzle to gain access to the keyword

Step 3: Click the “I know the Keyword” button below to enter the keyword

Step 4: Complete the steps on the page by visiting and following our social media pages! We will be raffling the 2 winners of the Gift Card on Monday 17th Jan.

All the Best! 🙂